solid tires

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Cut cost with Advance Tires Green Tire Rebuild and Exchange Program.

Advance Tire is always striving to save its customers money.  Our Green Tire Program  saves you money and is good for the environment.  This is accomplished by rebuilding your tires when they are worn out.  This added feature allows you to replace only the rubber that has been worn off the tire.  By replacing only the rubber that has worn off you will save up to 40% off the original cost of your tires.

 Not only will you be saving money you will also help conserve resources.  A rebuilt set of solid tires use thousands of pounds less rubber to manufacture.  Each rebuilt tire also means one less tire that end up in the landfills. 

Below starting on the left is a picture of a worn solid 26.5-25 and a similar worn solid tire that has been rebuilt.  The Cat 966G bellow is also running a set of  rebuilt solid tires.

​ADVANCE  TIRE  Solid Tires