​ADVANCE  TIRE  Solid Tires


Heavy Duty 10-16.5, 12-16.5 L4 and L5 skid steer tires ​will last twice as long as standard skid steer tires.  Add urethane foam filling for a flat proof tire. 

All sizes directional and non directional tread skid steer tires with heavy ply ratings. We offer a complete line to support your machines needs.  

skid steer tires

Heavy Duty L5 OTR Tires

Not looking to spend that much money these heavy duty tires are a very cost effective way to equip your loader with a durable tire.  These tires are ideal for applications such as auto junk yards, recycling centers and demolition use.  We stock all the common sizes.  Add urethane foam filling for a flat proof tire.

Premium 1300-24 , 1400-24

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