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Solid Material Handler Tires are a tough, full size, single compound solid tires.  These solid tires are specifically designed for scrap handling with a tough cut resistant rubber.  Unlike most OEM solids which are built from two or three compounds, Advance Tire only stocks material handler tires built top to bottom with the same tough compound all the way through.  This single compound construction makes for a much stronger tire. 

All Advance Tire solids will press onto your OEM rims.   Pressed on solid tires are much safer when  compared with expanded wheel solid or super singles, which are glued to the wheel.   Press on solid tires eliminate the possibility of the solid tire coming unglued from the rim.  Pressed on solids utilize a much smaller rim than a super single solid.  When you have a smaller rim it puts more rubber between the ground and the rim.  The more rubber you have the longer the tire will last.

Tire sizes- 900-20, 1000-20, 1200-20, 1200-24, 1400-24, 1600-25, 20.5-25, 23.5-25

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Pressed on solid tires

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