Soft Ride Solid Tire Features

  • L 10 Tread Depth
  • Semi Smooth Tread works in all applications
  • Tread design to fit your application 
  • Fits original equipment wheels
  • 1 or 2 rows of aperture holes
  • Tough cut resistant rubber
  • Steel beads and your wheels locking hardware prevent rim slippage
  • Rebuildable casings


Tread Designs

Our innovative Semi Smooth Tread design performs well in all applications.  The smooth center of the tire increases wear while the outside lugs provide additional traction when needed.

CONTENDER ​Loader Tires

Contender, TY Cushion, Kolossus,​ SG Revolution

Various Styles and Sizes Available

Combining durability soft ride and a long tire life is what a Contender Solid Tire is all about. Contender Solid Loader Tires have the durability of a solid tire without sacrificing the ride.  One of the most innovative design features is the ability of our Solid Tires to be pressed onto your original equipment lock ring stylewheel.  This feature saves you the costly expense of buying specialized wheels for your solid tires.  By using the O.E. 25" wheel,cushion solid tires puts more rubber between the ground and your machine than any other solid tire.  More rubber means more tire life. 

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Why solid tires are environmentally friendly tires

Solid tires outlast pneumatic style and foam filled tires 3 to 5 times which means less tires in the landfill.  
Solid tires do not fail prematurely again less tires in the landfill.
Solid tires do not require the use of urethane foam fill to make them flat proof.  Once a urethane filled tire is worn out both the tire and the thousands of pounds of urethane can end up in the landfill. 
In many cases  solid tires can be rebuilt back to full height when worn out, replacing only the rubber that has been worn off.
This rebuild process saves thousands of pounds of rubber and less manufacturing resources.

Eliminate down time with our rim exchange program.  Tires delivered on rims ready to install.

By far the most important feature of a solid tire is the quality of  its rubber compound.  All  Advance Tires Cushion solid tires are built from a tough cut resistant rubber compound.  This rubber compound also has excellent wear and heat characteristics.  But the most unique feature of the rubber is its flexibility.  The combination of a flexible rubber compound and aperture holes gives the solid tires a cushioned ride.  Ride also plays a key role in extending tire's life.  By allowing a tire to flex you increase traction, when you increase traction you reduce spinning and reduce tire wear.

We stock the following OTR solid tires at deeply discounted prices.

​ADVANCE  TIRE  Solid Tires



The Contender 

26.5-25 Semi Smooth Solid Tire